Enterprise edition

Recommended for larger organisations looking to manage complex processes. The eviFile Enterprise edition includes all the tools in the Proof edition plus access to the eviFile interactive dashboard.

Streamline complex workflow processes in real time and react instantly to activities. Integrate reporting and manage assets to ensure control over a project, all stored in a government level secure dedicated vault.

Key features & benefits


Advanced, custom workflow component to manage a process, multiple eviFiles and forms. Capture information needed at each stage of any process with the data needed to back it up.

Progress of work done

Real-time reporting of job status and the activities being completed in the field allows for complete transparency into the work being completed by employees and contractors and allows managers to react quickly to change.

Interactive reports & dashboard

Access through the web application or your preferred package. Full transparency - single source of truth from an integrated reporting solution or with connectors into your own Management Information platform.

Smart work assignment

Right person, right job, right time. Ensuring you have control over how work is distributed. It will streamline the process, increase quality and reduce cost.

Asset management

A fully integrated inventory solution implementing your programme assets into the solution couples real time tracking with eviFiles to provide an end to end solution.

Dedicated vault

Secure, safe, peace of mind - cloud and government level security as standard with every eviFile instance.

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