Proof edition

The Proof edition of eviFile offers an easy way to bring digital assurance to a project and is simple to set up and deploy to teams. Securely capture, manage and share tamper proof evidence using the eviFile platform.

Utilise location features for pinpoint accuracy, localised information and event tracking alongside date and time stamps on all files.

Key features & benefits

Digital evidence

Your eviFiles are photographic proof for suppliers and court. No friction, no fuss, no timewasting - just the absolute proof you need captured in seconds and stored securely forever. ACPO Compliant.


Showing your route and associated eviFiles. Provide accurate, location-based journey data tightly linked with eviFile to deliver all of the benefits of both tracking and evidence.

Digital forms

Capture the right data at the right time and drive the MI you need to make better decisions. Intelligent validation of data capture also provides increased quality and speed.


Your eviFiles provide GPS location information for avoidance of doubt. Pinpoint accuracy - an eviFile is easy to find and to place and will flexibly enable your field force to accurately capture location.

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